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The collection of Attar's created is based on pictures and stories from the world of art and literature. We're moving in time to the places of our heroes carefully observing them. All this to create your own olfactory pictures. We painting by the essences of aroma this figure, that place adding our emotions accompanying during the creation.

Olfactory Journey

Salim & Anarkali

In the palace rising in air a bitter-sweet smell of saffron

Opulence is accompanied by passion

In the background an announcement of a tragic love

Lover's hands are paved with petals of irises and roses

His heart is hot and enslaved by love

The flames of love fueled by Oud, the resin gurjun and papyrus

Flowers are burning like His heart

A mind-blowing Oud and delicate amber winds the lovers by the ardor of love

The euphoric patchouli and sensual musk bring into idyllic mood.

The chariots love are coming ..........


The fragrances are precious essences in the form of oil - Attar (divine fragrance) for women and men.

We invite you to explore the captivating world of perfume Tabacora.